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Power Rangers Shattered Grid

'Power Rangers: Shattered Grid' — What You Need to Know to Catch Up
In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise, comics publisher BOOM! Studios is about to start the epic storyline event, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, which will be told in upcoming issues of BOOM!'s two ongoing series


How 23andMe Quelled FDA Concerns About DTC Breast Cancer Gene Test
Despite the controls that 23andMe has put in place, some healthcare professionals expressed concerns that consumers would take the BRCA test en masse and try to interpret the results without the help of genetic counselors or physicians. “Even with the

DJ Leng Yein

Malaysian DJ Leng Yein posts photos of bloodied self on FB, accuses ex
Leng Yein also depicted a scenario where her ex-boyfriend dominated their interactions, often turning nasty if he could not get his way, even going as far as threatening to kill her and her sister. She also said that he would start throwing things

Trade War

We Really Don't Want A Trade War With China, Mr. Trump
President Trump has repeatedly attacked China's trade relations with America, accusing China of “raping our country” and claiming it had perpetrated “one of the greatest thefts in the history of the world”. His economic adviser, Peter Navarro, is the

Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew – Do You Miss Him? : A Poll
As today marks the 3rd death anniversary of Singapore's founding father, we took a poll amongst Singaporeans to find out if they still miss this prominent figure. Out of the 50 people asked, a whopping 43 said that they do indeed miss this founding

My Mister

IU and Jang Ki Yong's violent scene in 'My Mister' turns into a controversy +
0. SHARES. Facebook; Twitter; Google+. IU and Jang Ki Yong's violent scene in 'My Mister' has become a controversy. On March 21, the first episode of the new tvN drama aired. One scene of the episode showed Jang Ki Yong (Lee Kwang Il) threatening and

Amore Pacific

AmorePacific apologizes for tainted cosmetic products
AmorePacific Group, Korea's largest cosmetics company, apologized Tuesday for selling products that contained high levels of the dangerous heavy metal antimony. The company said it is in the process of taking the products off store shelves. On Monday

Subway Halal

Subway rolls out halal-certification process, pork pulled nationwide
The move also comes a decade since Subway engaged customers on the topic of getting a halal certification. In 2008, the sandwich joint addressed requests from Muslim customers to make its menu halal-certified. Citing high operational costs and price


COE prices at lowest in years
Certificates of entitlement (COE) ended lower across the board at the latest tender yesterday as fleet owners continued to hold off new purchases on the back of an oversupply. COE for cars up to 1,600cc and 130bhp closed 2.1 per cent lower at $38,000