Kuende Creating Real Life Experiences

About Kuende

By gamifying real-world socialization, we can make interactions fun and engaging for everyone. These social activities lead to more physical socialization and healthier, longer-lasting connections through the Kuende concept of incentivized challenges. Each has its own unique rules, rewards and expectations of participants. But, what they have in common is their aspect of fun, adventure and accomplishment.

Finally, because of the targeted, interest-based nature of Kuende, these Challenges will bring together people with the same hobbies and values. Creating new friendships in the real world. The ideal outcome for a Kuende user!

Real Life Interaction
The Kuende mission is to become the first hybrid online-offline social media platform that creates as much human interaction in real life as it does digitally.

Gamified Challenges will actively encourages people, in all stages of their Kuende experience, to engage in activities that lead to real-life interactions and relationships.

Kuende is a gamified social network that rewards its users for engaging in real-world challenges. Rewards will come in different forms from Kuende and our partners.

Tokenized Economy
The platform’s economy relies on two ERC20 tokens. Each one has its own use-case. The tokens are designed to support and scale a complex ecosystem.

In the modern world humanity has never been more connected. We use technology to connect with others by using social media, which has become a staple in modern society. In today’s hyper connected world communication has never been easier.

Yet, this social connection is a fabrication of real-life interaction. In a sense, humanity has never been more disconnected to reality. We have become dependent on social media and the feeling of being socially connected.

The many benefits of social media are limitless, but humanity is in danger of losing sight of real social interaction. With that said, social media is too much of a cultural milestone to give up, in fact, it should be built upon. The ease of instantly connecting to anyone around the world is an undeniable benefit to society.

Kuende Incentivizes Both Offline and Online Interaction
Introducing Kuende, the world’s first blockchain powered hybrid social network. Kuende encourages users to engage in real world gamified challenges. The social network is geared towards young people from all over the world, encouraging them to stay connected online and offline. Users are incentivised to partake in interactive challenges and experiences and rewarded with tokens by a blockchain powered vote and reward system.

Established in 2015, Kuende is already a well established social network platform. Kuende is backed with a private investment of $2.6M, and over 54.000 active users, with more than 20,000 app installs so far. Utilising a hybrid online-offline social network, Kuende is trying to fulfill social media connectivity with engaging and different offline activities. Kuende boasts an impressive resume leading up to their token sale backed by an innovative vision and forward thinking CEO and founder, Pavel Antohe.

Pavel Antohe’s vision is progressively being realised. Kuende has already made its mark on the social network and is available on on Web, Android and iOS. He goes on to add:

“We’re providing users with control over their data. They can share content with friends and families by choosing between different level of privacy, while making it easy to find new friends with common interests and engage in nearby activities. Our core mission is to transform social media into a positive force, powering a more connected, engaged, and inclusive society, by reaching out to Gen-Z and Millennials. We believe these generations are not only the most active social media users but also the most affected by the lack of real-life interactions with their peers”.

The modern world has never been more connected but social isolation and inadequacy is rife. Kuende’s team has a vision to fulfill the potential of social networking, to fully connect humanity, without social escapism. The platform connects people with similar interests in real-world events and challenges, Creating healthy and meaningful relationships. Kuende’s model is already successful and by focusing more attention to community and business alike to support social interaction, the true potential of social networking can be realised. Kuende’s incorporates an established platform with innovative blockchain technology to keep the service efficient and free to users, with minimal direct advertising.

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