Sudan Gold Coin New Era of Gold Mining is Almost Here

About Sudan Gold Coin

You invest in Swiss Company
YOU invest in SGC Project through ETHEREUM-based SMART CONTRACT or Wallet by transferring your crypto-currency. We accept BTC, ETH, BTH and LTC, you can find a handy crypto-calculator in your personal cabinet. The recipient of Your money is Swiss Company “Netarc AG” (Zug, Switzerland), which is the parent company for SGC Project, conducting SGC ICO. Your money is safe under the protection of Swiss ICO Legislation and monitoring.

Your money comes to Dubai Company
We established the Dubai Company to optimize the costs and terms of Investment in Sudan.

Foreign Direct Investments
Your money in the form of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) comes in Sudan. The recipient is the Sudanese Company, which will hire local employees and will be responsible for mining operations and gold-extraction. The desired SoftCap is $10 million, the desired HardCap is $28M. The difference between Soft and Hard Caps scenarios mostly lies in the capacity of the equipment that we plan to utilize. The difference is expressed in the number of ore tones, which the plant can process during a day. HardCap scenario allows shortening you ROI period for several months and bringing You higher profits in the months and years to come!

Your money is used to establish SGC Gold-mining Plant
On the land, granted to SGO Project by the Concession Agreement with Sudanese Government, we build a Gold-mining Plant. The plant starts working. Gold is accumulated!

Unique Blockchain Technology
Our obligation is met. All the mined gold is registered in a unique blockchain-accounting database for the purposes of maximum transparency and fair distribution.Each Token is filled with 0.05 grams of PURE FINE GOLD
The Gold, which is mined by the plant, is quarterly distributed between Tokens. The weight of Your Token in Gold constantly and indefinitely grows! Congratulations, You made the right and timely investment, turning Your crypto-money into the globally recognized tangible asset!

Quarterly Gold per Token Distribution – Gold Storing and Security
Your Gold is kept safely in Dubai Deposit Facility from where on Your request You can physically take it at any time or ask us to deliver it to You at any location. We can also sell it for You or You can sell it Yourself! Transform Your Crypto-money into Gold, which is also a surefire long-term Investment Instrument!

Sudan Gold Coin ICO Review

Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) is a cutting edge cryptocurrency Project​, which provides its ICO investors with a unique opportunity to invest both in crypto and real worlds by backing digital tokens (Sudan Gold Coin) with a defined amount of physical gold.

The amount of gold, assigned to each token initially, at every stage of the Project realization except post-ICO stages is constant and equals 0,05 grams. Yet, the price of the token differs at each stage of the Project Maturity from 50 cents up to 1,9 dollars. After launching the gold mining operation in Sudan, which is the eventual purpose of ICO Project-Part realization, the mined gold starts to be distributed between tokens until the initial obligation of 0,05 grams per token is met.

However, the most interesting option for investors is the ever-growing weight of the acquired token. Bought at the early stages of the project for 0,5-1,25$, the tokens are not only 0,05 grams liabilities but a surefire way to quarterly bring their holders approximately 0,03 grams in the weight of gold per each token, distributed from the mined gold. Such proposition allows investors to choose the most desired and appropriate strategy:

● To indefinitely continue accumulating the gold amount assigned to each

token through quarterly gold distributions.

● To exchange tokens for gold, which can be sold either by SGC or by the

investor himself or passed to the investor in the form of solid gold.

● To combine the above-described two strategies.

Sudan Gold Coin Project utilizes a blockchain based technology of ETHEREUM SMART CONTRACT that provides maximum security and transparency of the invested funds, while keeping up with the most recent global ICO legislation developments. Thus, all the investments are placed not with Sudan or Dubai company but with the holding company, located in Zug, Switzerland, where the ICO project is initially audited and the permission for ICO activities is officially given by FINMA, the organization responsible for financial monitoring of ICO projects.

SGC Project Legal Framework is designed to secure the investments and provide the full transparency of the ICO and the project realization:

Swiss Company – a legal entity registered in Switzerland (canton Zug) with a license for conducting cryptocurrency activities and an account in a local bank which is friendly to crypto-currency transactions. This legal entity will make a collection of the crypto currency during the ICO and the sale of tokens, and the received fiat money will be transferred to the UAE company for purchasing the equipment and conducting business activities.

UAE Company – a legal entity registered in the UAE (Dubai). This company will act as a foreign direct investor in Sudan. The company will not be used to raise funds for the ICO. The company will be the custodian of the gold extracted by Sudan Gold Coin Project.

Sudanese Company – the company, which will hold the rights to extract gold in Sudan and accept FDI (foreign direct investments) from UAE Company.

The company will perform the main operational activities for the extraction of gold.

The Swiss company is planning to raise from $10 to $28 million till the end of 2018.

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