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Bon Jovi shows Brisbane that Tommy and Gina's story is far from over

Jon Bon Jovi struts past the crowd and on to the stage, shadowboxing as he makes his way to the mic. He doesn't have to do much to get attention. “I like how he rocks the grey,” my fiancee says, as a more salt than pepper JBJ laps up the adulation. Bon

Concert review: Epic 'Livin' On A Prayer' singalong sums up Bon Jovi's ageless

THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR. SUNCORP STADIUM, BRISBANE. DEC 6, 2018. SOME buzzkills will insist on calling Bon Jovi a “guilty pleasure”. It's definitely time to drop the guilty – this is good, innocent fun, consummate musicianship packaged up …

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