Comprehensiveness: The whitepaper begins with a brief disclaimer which spans approximately 2 pages. The whitepaper claims that the technical whitepaper is available through the company website. However, at the time of this review (Aug 2018), this document was not available.
The first section of the whitepaper primarily gives a generic overview and the context of blockchain technology with respect to technological evolution and how the organization believes that “this new world is the next phase of the internet: the human-centered decentralized internet”.

A significant portion of the whitepaper does not specifically discuss the project. Instead, a broad overview of blockchain technology and dApps are included in the document.

Business related aspects of the platform, beyond details of the token sale, are quite limited. Specific technical details of the technical infrastructure of the platform is also lacking considering the nature of the project.

Team information is available in the appendix and the company website. The project GitHub page is not available. Legal content is minimal.

Readability: The readability of the documument would be improved if it were more concise, which can be accomplished with the omission of the beginning section of the whitepaper which primarily gives a broad overview of blockchain technology.

The whitepaper uses language that seems to hype up the product without providing specific details. For example, it is stated that the company believes that “it will also be capable of engaging and utilizing a parallel throughput networking fabric, as well as supporting a multi-thread architecture for multicore and ultra-fast cached memory computer environments”.

Transparency: The whitepaper contains language that seem to generate hype towards the product instead of adequately informing the reader. Potential competitors are not compared/evaluated.

Presentation of Business Plan and Token Model: Business development plans are lacking. The marketing plans or the strategy for widespread adoption of the platform are not discussed thoroughly in the whitepaper. The token economics are discussed broadly.

Presentation of Platform Technology and Use of Blockchain: The platform will be able to support public, private, and a hybrid architecture configuration. With regards to transaction speed/efficiency, there is a lack of specific technical content provided in the whitepaper. Instead, the organization claims that “they have developed “a new parallel processing capability of smart contracts seeks to allow AERGO Chain to handle millions of transactions per second”. Additionally, It is stated that “AERGO intends to leverage and build upon Blocko’s existing COINSTACK platform, which is a fully supported enterprise product that has been adopted by many of its existing clients”. Overall, considering the nature and scope of the project, there seems to be a lack of specific technical content provided in the whitepaper. A technical whitepaper was not available on the company website was not available at the time of review.

Legal Review and Risk Assessment: The whitepaper contains a brief disclaimer towards the beginning of the whitepaper which spans approximately two pages.


Differentiation: AERGO aims to become the dominant enterprise blockchain platform. The whitepaper claims that AERGO is the “next generation enterprise blockchain protocol and platform” and will connect with legacy IT software with the AERGO blockchain. The following are the main components of the AERGO ecosystem: the AERGO chain, the AERGO hub, and the AERGO marketplace. AERGO chain will utilize AERGOSQL which is stated to allow users to “code the smart contract as easy as possible”. AERGO hub allows dApps to interact with the blockchain and will consist of public and private repositories. However, other enterprise blockchain competitors are not thoroughly evaluated and the proposed features of the platform does not seem like it will effectively differentiate the platform from potential competitors.

Readiness: It is not evident that substantial progress has been made with the platform from a technical perspective. This is evident with one of the responses in the FAQ section of the project website from a question regarding the current stage of development: “We have established AERGO for the open source community and supporting ecosystem and includes the design of a comprehensive operating strategy and governance structure for AERGO Public Network, AERGO Hub and AERGO Marketplace”.

Concreteness of Development Plans: A brief overview of the development roadmap is presented as follows:

Q2 2018
AERGO SQL (in the market as COINSTACK SP2)
Q3 2018
AERGO Chain Alpha
Q4 2018
AERGO Chain Test Network
Q1 2019
AERGO Public Network (Main net)
Q2 2019
AERGO Hub & Marketplace

There is a lack of business related milestones. The milestones presented are quite vague.

Current Position within Roadmap: The organization’s description of their current stage of development suggests that developments with regards to the platform are primarily conceptual.

Feasiblity: There have been no updated from the organization with regards to the alpha version of the product, which seems to indicate that the the proceeding technical developments with respect to the AERGO seem to be quite ambitious.

Blockchain Innovation: Although there is a lack of technical detail provided in the whitepaper, the ambition of the project is to develop an entirely new blockchain infrastructure that will have fast transaction speeds and effectively serve enterprise users.