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Grace Millane Murderer

Grace Millane murder: Alleged killer was top sportsman
The man accused of murdering British tourist Grace Millane was once a promising athlete who represented New Zealand in his chosen sport. The man, now aged 26, played for several elite teams, including a New Zealand under-19 side. His name – and …

Jesse Kempson

'Scumbag': Man accused of murdering British backpacker faces shouts of abuse
This is the face of the man accused of killing British backpacker Grace Millane – and who was called a 'scumbag' from the public gallery this morning as he appeared in court charged with her murder. Jesse Kempson, 26, sat just yards away from Ms

Grace Millane UK

Man accused of killing UK backpacker appears in New Zealand court
The backpacker, Grace Millane, 22, was last seen at the Auckland city center on the evening of December 1. A body believed to be that of the missing woman was found in a wooded area in the Waitakere Ranges, west of central Auckland, police said on …

Grace Millane killer

Grace Millane murder accused appears in court in Auckland
A man has appeared in court charged with the murder of British backpacker Grace Emmie Rose Millane. Millane, 22, an advertising graduate and artist, from Essex in the United Kingdom, had been on her OE in New Zealand just shy of a fortnight when she …

Daily Mail Grace Millane

'Scumbag': Suspect, 26, accused of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane
After visiting Peru she arrived in New Zealand on November 20 and had been 'bombarding' her family with photos as she kept in near-daily contact with her parents and brothers via social media. Her father, David Millane, said they last had contact on

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